Brass Casing Catcher Installation & Operation Videos

As AR15 enthusiasts, we know the time spent collecting brass AR15 casings can be frustrating, especially in outdoor environments where shells can easily get lost and negatively impact the local ecosystem. Outdoor Technologies and Sports developed a high-capacity Casing Catcher so you can spend more time improving your marksmanship and less time hunched over collecting shells.

The Casing Catcher fits all standard AR15s, is waterproof, and holds up to 40 shells at a time. Our temperature-resistant plastic is more durable than competing models, and works well for left-handed shooters.

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Brass Catcher Operation Videos

Brass Catcher Accessory Demo

Automatic Brass Catcher

Automatic Casing Catcher By Outdoor Technology and Sports

Mounting & Unloading Tutorial Video

Shell Catcher Mounting and Unloading

Supplementary Video Information

The Casing Catcher is designed to catch ejected shells in an easy-to-use container that allows the operator to properly dispose of casings in a matter of seconds.

Mounting a Casing Catcher With a Rifle on a Table With a Bipod

  1. Make sure the dust cover on your AR is open. This is the flap that sits to the right of the chamber when the AR15 is facing forward.
  2. Insert the rim around the AR15’s magazine receiver into the interior groove of the casing catcher. The thickest part of the casing catcher should be on top to align with the dust cover and catch ejected casings.
  3. Apply straps in the front of the magazine receiver and through the trigger guard. The rear part of the strap that is closer to the shooter should go through the section of the trigger guard that is furthest away from the receiver. The front strap secures to the front of the magazine receiver. The tab goes in the trigger guard for solid placement.

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Mounting a Casing Catcher While Standing

  1. Place the bottom groove of the Casing Catcher on the mag well rim underneath the chamber and in front of the trigger guard.
  2. Turn the rifle towards you (for right-handed shooters) and hold it.
  3. Repeat the same processes as above.

AR15 Casing Catcher Benefits

Environmentally Conscious Brass Clean-Up

Rifles with higher-capacity cartridges can cause unwanted brass casings to accumulate and easily be lost outdoors or at gun ranges. The Casing Catcher is an eco-friendly solution to cleaning up your casings. With our easy-to-install attachment, you can fire in high volumes while helping contribute to a greener world for future marksmen.

Collect Casings Quicker

The casing catcher holds up to 40 standard-sized brass cartridges at a time, so you can save hours spent picking up casings and looking for lost shells. The 40-capacity attachment also allows you to easily dispose of shells once the clip is emptied.

Enhanced Durability

The Casing Catcher and straps are composed of a high-quality plastic that won’t melt even during rapid shooting. The plastic design holds up better than competing mesh alternatives.

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Wholesale Brass Catcher Options

We have expanded our product offering in our effort to create a more eco-friendly gun community and reach more gun owners. That is why we now offer our Casing Catchers wholesale at a reduced price. This will allow you to focus more on marksmanship during group shooting events or more effectively collect scrap metal and resell it. Our wholesale option is ideal for hunters, law enforcement, gun clubs and more. Wholesale catchers ship with two attachment straps per box and an instructional brochure.

Our wholesale casing catchers are offered at a discount when priced in bulk and require registration to order. You can find our online wholesale brass Casing Catcher order form here.

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