Automatic Casing Catcher with 2 Straps




Try our Automatic casing catcher, it’s patented and has been in the market for 3 years. Save your back. Help prevent trigger trash. It is all of our responsibilities to help keep the environment clean. You set it and forget it. It dumps the brass automatically when you pull the magazine. It holds up to 40 rounds. It’s made of a high temp plastic, it won’t melt. It’s ideal for left hand shooters, the brass won’t hit you and the gas discharge goes thru the vents in the side of the catcher. It mounts in seconds and dismounts even faster. It comes with two straps; you probably will never break one. You probably will lose one first. I’ve been using the same strap for three years and it works fine. Do you know where your brass is?

Additional straps are available. Plus shipping.


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