Wholesale Brass Catchers

Help your customers save time, the environment, and their backs with our AR-15 automatic brass catchers.

At Outdoor Technology and Sports, we’re committed to finding eco-friendly ways to reduce the environmental impact. Reducing trigger trash is an easy and straightforward way to do so, while also saving  time at the range.

While crafting our casing catcher, we were driven by our dedicated experience using firearms as well. We knew that the brass catchers had to be lightweight, easy to use, and incredibly durable. It had to go on in a snap. It had to be safe for all firearm users. It also had to stand up to heat with no obstruction to the field of view.

With our automatic brass catchers, we’ve developed a premium gun accessory that can do all of that.

Now, we’re offering these catchers wholesale to retailers across the U.S. Every small action has an impact. Offer our AR-15 automatic brass catchers in your store to help clean up your local gun community.

Order Wholesale Brass Catchers

We’re proud of the product we’ve crafted. All of our pieces are made in the United States. Beyond the environmental impact, our casing catchers help your customers police their brass. They can quickly dump brass in a bucket and resell it as scrap metal or reuse it. It saves them time at the range so they can focus on marksmanship and improving their skills.

You can order wholesale cases of our automatic brass catchers by requesting a wholesale account here. Once approved, you will be able to see wholesale options and pricing when you log in to your wholesale user account. After logging in to your account, you can easily place your wholesale order online.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information, pricing, or any other questions at sales@outdoortechsports.com.

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