A Handy Attachment to Catch Your Trigger Trash

Outdoor Technologies and Sports LLC aims to help build a greener planet through our automatic brass catcher. Our founder used his knowledge and expertise in the firearm industry to create a product that allows the firearm community to be more eco-friendly. Instead of littering and letting the casings fall to the ground, you can help save the environment even in this small way.  

What We Offer

Our attachment will not obstruct your field of view and also gives you more time for marksmanship because you have no brass to pickup.

Buy Yours Today

Our tool is patented and tested, and you can’t get it anywhere else. If you want to do your part in saving the environment, get an automatic brass catcher today. Feel free to contact our dependable team for more information about our unique product.

Mounting a casing catcher with a rifle on a table with a bipod.