Rifle Casing Catchers For Brass Casings

We aim to help build a greener planet through our automatic casing catcher. Our founder used his knowledge and expertise in the firearm industry to create a product that allows the firearm community to be more eco-friendly. Instead of littering and letting your casings fall to the ground, you can help save the environment. The casing catcher effectively catches and stores ejected brass casings, saving you clean-up time while reducing the amount lost casings that can damage the environment.

Rifle casing catchers for brass casings  demonstrating full field of view.

Our attachment will not obstruct your field of view and also gives you more time for marksmanship because you have no brass to pickup. Fits standard model AR-15s and holds up to 40 rounds.

Order The Casing Catcher For Your Brass Casings

Our tool is patented and tested, and you can’t get it anywhere else. If you want to do your part in saving the environment, get an automatic casing catcher today. Feel free to contact our dependable team for more information about our unique product.

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  • Eco-Friendly: The casing catcher prevents hazardous brass casings from being lost and makes recycling casings a breeze. With our attachment, you can fire in high volumes while helping contribute to a greener world for future marksmen.
  • Time-Saving: The casing catcher holds up to 40 standard-sized brass cartridges at a time, so you can save hours spent picking up casings and looking for lost shells. The enclosed design holds up to 40 casings, which allows you to quickly and easily empty casings in bulk.
  • Ultra-Durable: The casing catcher is lightweight, waterproof and composed of a high-quality plastic that won’t melt even during rapid shooting. Our included straps can withstand demanding environments and fit securely to  your rifle.
  • Convenient: The attachment is easy to install and dismount. The design provides added convenience for left-handed shooters as it catches ejected casings that could hit the person operating the AR15.

Wholesale Brass Catchers for Multiple Industries

We can fill orders of all sizes and provide discounts for higher-volume orders. The Casing Catcher is ideal for a number of applications such as:

  • Wholesale gun stores
  • Hunters
  • Law enforcement
  • Marksmen
  • Gun shows & more

Order Online For More Efficient Brass Casing Collection & Disposal

Order your Casing Catcher today and get quick shipping on casing catchers for brass casings. For additional questions, please contact us online or view our installation support resources.

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