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Collecting brass casings can be a time-consuming and tedious process in any environment, whether you’re sifting through uneven terrain that can camouflage casings or you are in an enclosed, indoor shooting area. Outdoor Technologies and Sports makes it easy to order our AR15 Casing Catchers and Casing Catcher parts online in low and high-volume orders. Our Casing Catchers hold up to 40 rounds, fit standard AR15s and are constructed from high-temperature plastic, making them an ideal purchase for any AR15 application or even a gift for avid marksmen.

Order your Casing Catcher or component by product category below online or contact an Outdoor Technologies and Sports representative and we can help you with any questions that you might have.

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Automatic Casing Catcher With 2 Straps

Our patented Automatic Casing Catcher has been tried and tested for years and is a convenient way to help keep the environment clean and save you time and effort on cleanup. Each Casing Catcher comes equipped with 2 durable straps to fit seamlessly with any standard AR.

Case of 24 Automatic Casing Catchers

Purchase Casing Catchers wholesale and receive a case of 24 individually boxed Casing Catchers at a discount rate. There are two attachment straps per box and a brochure showing and explaining mounting instructions.

Additional Strap

Order attachment straps to replace a lost or damaged strap from your Casing Catcher. Each Casing Catcher requires 2 straps to be properly mounted.

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Additional Strap

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Automatic Casing Catcher with 2 Straps

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Case of 24 Automatic Casing Catchers

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Brass Catchers for Multiple Industries

We can fill orders of all sizes and provide discounts for higher-volume orders. The Casing Catcher is ideal for a number of applications, such as:

  • Wholesale gun stores
  • Hunters
  • Law enforcement
  • Marksmen
  • Gun shows & more

Order Wholesale for Big Savings

We offer catchers to retailers across the U.S. in our commitment to help clean up your local gun community. By providing bulk savings, we broaden our positive environmental impact while making Casing Catchers more accessible for almost every application.

Wholesale orders require registration, and you can sign up for a wholesale account online. After logging into your account, you can easily place your wholesale order online. Repeat orders of wholesale Casing Catchers are available.

How it Works

Casing Catchers are easy to mount on a table with or without a bipod.

  1. Make sure the dust cover on your AR is open.
  2. Insert the rim around the AR15’s magazine receiver into the interior groove of the casing catcher.
  3. Apply straps in the front of the magazine receiver and through the trigger guard. The tab goes in the trigger guard for solid placement.

For a visual of our mounting instructions, visit our How it Works page or view our Mounting and Unloading videos.

Additional Advantages of The Casing Catcher for Brass Casings

The casing catcher offers several unique advantages not available on competing products. Some features of the Outdoor Technologies and Sports’ Casing Catchers include:

  • Patented & tested
  • Compatible with 20, 30 & 40 round magazines
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • High temperature resistance
  • Works well for left-handed shooters!


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