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Get a New Automatic Casing Catcher for Your Rifle

Outdoor Technologies and Sports LLC was founded with the specific goal of creating a more environmentally friendly gun community while saving marksmen time on casing cleanup. Since our first aim of saving time and casing during target practice, we have grown to become an online provider of convenient Casing Catchers to gun owners all over the country. We developed our Casing Catchers from prototype to production, and regularly use our Casing Catchers so you can be sure that nobody knows our products and is more dedicated to fulfilling your needs than us. We also offer Step-By-Step instructions on how to install and use our AR15 Casing Catchers, in addition to Instructional Videos.

Order AR 15 Casing Catchers and accessories online or Contact Us for more information on our line of Casing Catchers for brass rifle casings.

Outdoor Technology: Our Mission Statement

We aim to help create a greener planet by keeping the brass from becoming trash.

Our Continued Mission

Our company mission involves providing AR15 owners with a more effective Casing Catcher than our competitors. Our Casing Catchers are compatible with 20, 30 and 40-round magazines, and can store up to 40 brass casings before being emptied. Our plastic catcher can withstand demanding environments and holds up better than competing mesh models. This also works well for left-handed shooters, making us the clear choice for your casing cleanup for any shooting club or individual rifle enthusiasts. With our easy-to-install attachment, you can fire in high volumes while helping contribute to a greener world for future marksmen.

Automatic casing catcher in use at the range.

Our History

When our founder was out for target practice, he started thinking about a way to catch the brass casings that get ejected from the rifle. He created a few design layouts and started developing prototypes with his computer-aided design (CAD) program. He wanted to create a device that could catch the brass casings and automatically dump it when the magazine was removed. Our founder knew that if he attached it to the Picatinny rail at the top of the rifle, it would obstruct the sighting equipment. He then created a strap that wrapped around the magazine receiver and patented the resulting design. Three months into the project development, our company was established.

Additional Advantages of The Casing Catcher for Brass Casings

The Casing Catcher is constructed from a high-quality plastic that holds up better than competing mesh alternatives. Our Casing Catcher offers several unique advantages not available on competing products. Some features of the Outdoor Technologies and Sports’ Casing Catchers include:

  • Fits all standard AR15s
  • Patented & tested
  • Easy to install and dismount
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • High temperature resistance
  • Additional straps are available
  • Works well for left-handed shooters!

Outdoor Technologies and Sports Order Capabilities

Each Casing Catcher comes equipped with 2 durable straps to fit seamlessly with any standard AR. We can fill low and high-volume orders of Casing Catchers and offer specials on wholesale orders. Each Casing Catcher comes equipped with 2 durable straps to fit seamlessly with any standard AR. Popular order categories include:

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Don’t just throw away your casings. Start helping the environment with our automatic casing catcher and prevent your AR-15 bullet rounds from littering the ground. Order your Casing Catcher today and get quick shipping on casing catchers for brass casings. For additional questions, please Reach Out To Our Team online or view our installation support resources.