AR15 Brass Catcher Mounting Instructions & Benefits

AR15s can clear and eject 10, 20 and even 30 rounds from a single magazine, resulting in timely casing clean-up. Outdoor Technologies’ BrassCatcher is designed to catch ejected shells in an easy-to-use container that allows the shooter to properly dispose of casings in a matter of seconds. Our aim is to save on clean-up time and promote a more environmentally conscious shooting community with an AR15 attachment that stores ejected brass casings. This Brass Catcher fits all standard AR15s and can hold 40 casings.

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Brass Catcher Installation Instructions

Mounting a Casing Catcher With a Rifle on a Table With a Bipod

Brass Catchers are easy to mount on a table with or without a bipod.

  1. Make sure the dust cover on your AR is open. This is the flap that sits to the right of the chamber when the AR15 is facing forward.
  2. Insert the rim around the AR15’s magazine receiver into the interior groove of the casing catcher. The thickest part of the casing catcher should be on top to align with the dust cover and catch ejected casings.
  3. Apply straps in the front of the magazine receiver and through the trigger guard. The rear part of the strap that is closer to the shooter should go through the section of the trigger guard that is furthest away from the receiver. The front strap secures to the front of the magazine receiver. The tab goes in the trigger guard for solid placement.

Contact Us for installation support and we will gladly help you properly secure your Casing Catcher.

Mounting a Casing Catcher While Standing

  1. Place the bottom groove of the Casing Catcher on the mag well rim underneath the chamber and in front of the trigger guard.
  2. Turn the rifle towards you (for right-handed shooters) and hold it.
  3. Secure the front strap using the same method detailed above.
  4. Secure the back strap using the same method detailed above.
  5. The front strap should sit between the two Casing Catcher tabs in the front of the Casing Catcher.
  6. The back strap in the trigger guard should sit above the tab in the back of the Casing Catcher.

Emptying The Casing Catcher

  1. After firing, eject the magazine.
  2. The door will open at the bottom of the Casing Catcher and let the ejected shells empty out. This is located on the shooting side of the AR15 for right-handed shooters.
  3. Return the magazine to the chamber and repeat. The knob on the bottom of the Casing Catcher will keep the door securely closed.
  4. To remove the Casing Catcher, simply remove the tabs and detach the catcher from the bottom of the AR15

How It Works: Video Resources

We take pride in providing a Brass Catcher that is accessible for all shooters and compatible with all standard AR15s. For a visual of our mounting instructions or to see the Brass Catcher in action, view our Mounting and Unloading video page. Our videos include mounting and using a Brass Catcher with a bipod and table or from the standing position.

Additional Advantages of The Casing Catcher for Brass Casings

The Casing Catcher offers several unique advantages not available on competing products. Some features of the Outdoor Technologies and Sports’ Casing Catchers include:

  • Patented & tested
  • Fits all standard AR15s
  • Compatible with 10, 20 & 30 round magazines
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • High temperature resistance (melts at 400 degrees)
  • Side attachment provides added convenience for left-handed shooters!

Contact Us For Additional Brass Catcher Installation or Use Instructions

Order your Casing Catcher online or contact an Outdoor Technologies and Sports representative and we can help you with any questions about installing, removing or using our Brass Catchers.